AXIGEN Mail Server 0.8.14

AXIGEN Mail Server AXIGEN Mail Server - AXIGEN is a modular, production class Linux mail server. Based on his innovative architecture, with multithreaded engine, independent controlled service modules and high performance storage, enabling unique message filtering flexibility, AXIGEN is built for handling large amounts of mail traffic in most demanding business and service provider environments. Now AXIGEN is available as BETA version (evaluation).

The main AXIGEN services
1. The mail transfer is ensured by SMTP / ESMTP modules, which include a powerful Mail Processing engine with an API (Application Programming Interface) for custom filtering.
2. The message retrieval through IMAP4 or POP3 protocols with special tools for connectivity control and host authentication management.
3 The Webmail module is build on AXIGEN technology in order to ensure improved security and efficiency and allows users anywhere on the Internet to access and send mails from their web browsers.

AXIGEN Mail Server Specifications

Mail Services
- SMTP/ESMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Web Mail
- SSL/TLS encryption
- Integrated list server

Connectivity and architecture
- Multithreaded engine with module thread control
- Simultaneous resource access
- Mail storage with index based access
- In depth connection control
- Firewall-like communication rules
- User authentication: plain , CRAM MD5

Message Filtering
- Multilevel filtering system (server level, domain level, user level)
- Antivirus and AntiSPAM support
- API for external custom filters

When Beta Testing AXIGEN, please let us know what features you would find usefull to use in your company or at home. Even we do immediately concentrate on solving the bugs, on the long run, including new usefull features is our most important objective, so we would appreciate any important or small, obvious, or "crazy" ideea.

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